DJ Dr. Johnny Love

DJ Dr. Johnny Love-Email

Meet him in person on Blind in his Radio Room called Dr. Johnny Love.

Johnny hosts 5 O’clock Somewhere every weeknight at 5 PM.

Magic Mondays – Johnny takes you back to a year in time in his Tardis, so always keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle.

Twisted Tuesdays – Johnny will play 2 songs; they could be funny or an artist that Johnny likes.

Wednesday is Johnny’s Country and Bluegrass Festival. Catch Minnie Pearl and other famous guests.

Throwback Thursdays are great for going back in time and listening to the songs you grew up with.

Thank Goodness It’s Friday. Time to play music to get you ready for the weekend.

Johnny’s other shows include Friday Night Vibes at 9 PM where he plays music to get you on your feet. Classic Country Music on Tuesday Nights at 10 PM and then he turns into a Rock Jock on Sunday and Monday Nights at 9 PM. Johnny loves to entertain you.

Here’s what Johnny has to say,

Not much is known about Dr. Johnny Love except that he “loves” certain foods, people, and being a DJ for Blind Café Radio. I love to raise cane, so this Radio Station is the best for me. Married to a redheaded wench who stole his soul and loves his fur kids.