DJ Lightening Blind Mike

Lightening Blind Mike – AKA MJ or Michael –

In the Ring with Lightening Blind Mike:

Here is what Lightening Blind Mike has to say,

My show is unique. I was a wrestler for 20 years before I lost my sight completely. I extended my wrestling career by owning my own business called, Rocky Mountain Championship Wrestling. Promoters got worried about my sight towards the end, but I proved to them that I could still wrestle and had what it took. I had my bachelor’s degree in business and took full advantage of it. My show is about old-time wrestling when it was real and not so staged like it is today. My show is based on the, who is the wrestler of the week. What did he do before he wrestled? I let everyone know a few details about my star of the week. After Whom and What, I play a few songs or a quick few minutes of an interesting match. Where did he come from? Where did he grow up?

Now comes Why? Did the wrestler die? Did he just leave wrestling? I will let you know

I will now play 2 more songs that wrestlers used to come down to the ring. When comes next. When was the wrestler born and when did he join the wrestling scene? Finally, how? How did this wrestler get to be where he is today? Did the wrestler make it? My show is informative but more than that if you love wrestling, it is entertaining.

I am also the other half of I’m a little bit country and I’m A Little Bot of Rock and Roll. This is the show where you the listener can join in and have fun with Julie and I. Julie plays country songs and I play Rock and Roll. You get to send us an email at and in the subject line type Country if you prefer Julie song and Rock if you like my song better. It’s great fun so Tune in and have some fun with us.

Mixing up the Music with Lightening Blind Mike.

Catch Lightening Blind Mike’s shows on Tuesday and Thursday at 2 PM and again on Friday Nights at 7 PM. He will mix up music from yesterday to today.