DJ Maria Celano

DJ Maria Celano – Maria @blind café.net

Maria has 3 shows. Her first show is Waking up at Maria’s House. From 5 AM to 7 AM every morning. Maria plays great Oldie’s wake-up music. Her Second show is Life at Maria’s House, on Monday Nights at 7 PM Eastern. Maria spotlights a different oldie’s artist each week and then plays lots of food songs in her second hour. Maria loves to get requests, so please email her at Her Third Show is the Café’s Friday Afternoon Show.

Maria plays her oldies just in time for Johnny’s TGIF at 5 PM, Here is what Maria has to say!

Music has always been an important part of my life, from the time when I listened to the great old romantic Italian songs and opera with my parents, to the time I discovered pop music with my two older sisters, to my 50s and 60s oldies and country music phases, to now, when I look for anything and everything on the internet! My show is a mix of all these things, with some great food (music) thrown in for good hospitality. As diverse musical styles can be, I like to think there is something universal about music in general. It can bring people together in feelings and friendship, just like good food, conversation, and memories!